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Monroe Divorce Lawyer

Representing Clients Throughout the State of North Carolina

Are you facing divorce in North Carolina? The topics of divorce and family law are emotionally difficult and time consuming. This area of law calls for a very specific type of attorney who has an unmatched level of understanding on family law matters. The lawyer must have the ability to handle the client's legal situation with an aggressive approach and intent to protect their rights, goals, and desires. Communication with the client must be performed in a delicate manner because the emotional stress is high in regards to the dissolution of marriage. Our divorce lawyers have been involved with this practice for over 20 years and we have developed an appropriate balance between the two approaches. Our firm handles a broad range of family and divorce issues, no matter how contentious or complex. If you are facing a legal issue concerning divorce, our Monroe divorce attorneys can handle the matter in a timely and effective manner.

The topic of divorce is an especially sensitive issue when it involves children. Discussing child custody is typically a very difficult issue. When a married couple separates and breaks physical ties, the family as a whole is forced to as well. Any minor children can be given a physical and legal custody to one or both parents. Custody can be granted in full to one parent or both parents can be granted joint rights and responsibilities to care for the child. Another topic that will have to be discussed within the realm of child custody is child support. The non-custodial parent will often have responsibilities to financially provide for the child. With the help of the Monroe divorce lawyers from our firm, you can fight to secure your family’s future both now and for years to come. Our attorneys can evaluate your case, explain all of your legal options and recommend the best plan of action that you should take.

Protect Your Rights with an Experienced Divorce Lawyer

Many family law situations can be resolved outside of court. Mediation is an option for those who desire to stay away from allowing a third party to make all decisions that can be made with negotiation and discussion instead. We can make every effort to develop a fair and efficient resolution to the issue. Developing a separation agreement can be accomplished with the help of our firm. At Collins Family Law Group, we can take every step towards peaceful resolution without having to involve a judge. If the situation is more complex than usual, our firm can be strong and powerful in our strategy to protect your rights. Our head divorce lawyer, Shawna Collins, is a member of the Estates & Trusts Section and the Family Law Section of the North Carolina Bar Association, as well as a certified Superior Court mediator in North Carolina. We can use this specialized experience to walk you through the divorce process. Our mission here at the firm is to protect your family and to preserve your future. Let our family help yours, for better or for worse, during this trying time.

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The Importance of Knowledge on Family Law

At Collins Family Law Group, we desire that you understand your options in all different types of family law. If you are considering adoption, our firm can help you navigate the situation and discuss your possible options. When it comes to divorce, we can evaluate your case to determine what option can provide you with the maximum possibility of success. We combine our exceptional knowledge and experience to help clients through their various family law cases. These situations can cause excessive amounts of stress and family dissension, but when you become informed on the best option to protect your family's rights, the situation can have a positive resolution.

Each family law matter needs to be handled in a different and unique manner. At our Monroe family law firm, we take the time to listen to your case to develop a strong strategy that can defend your rights. In the same manner, our Monroe divorce attorneys handle situations of estate planning and criminal defense with the intent to protect your rights. These are issues that require diligent attention to the laws that govern them. We believe that resolutions do not always come easy and in these cases, aggressive litigation must be pursued. At our firm, we are not afraid to do whatever it takes to protect you and your family's rights. For the compassionate, dedicated and experienced legal counsel you deserve, call to schedule a confidential consultation today by calling (704) 269-6697. You can also visit our firm conveniently located at 112 North Main Street, Monroe, NC 28112.

Contact the Monroe divorce lawyers at Collins Family Law Group from our firm at your earliest convenience for assistance with family law, estate planning, or criminal defense issues.

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