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The 411 on Collins Family Law Group

If you are looking for an attorney who can represent you in a divorce or family law case, then Collins Family Law Group may be the right firm for you. This group of North Carolina divorce attorneys is dedicated to helping those in need through their child custody, separation, and divorce issues. At Collins Family Law Group, the attorneys understand that family is doubtless close to your heart. When you are dealing with the ones that you love most, having the right attorney on your side is mandatory. You don’t want to risk custody of your children or the future of your adoption proceedings by using a mediocre attorney. Instead, you need a compassionate and caring lawyer who will focus on your case and treat you as an individual.

The divorce lawyers at the Collins Family Law Group have been practicing law for about 20 years, which means that they are extremely experienced when it comes to family law strategies and court battles. These attorneys are aggressive, and will go the distance to show their clients that they care. The attorneys at this firm will fight for you and your desires until the end of the trial, making sure to take every step possible to work towards your best interests. If you are seeking dissolution of marriage and want to make sure that the property division and spousal support arrangements are fair, then you need a lawyer from our firm to help. As well, if you are seeking a legal separation, we can help you to deal with the legalities that accompany this decision.

When you are handling the emotional difficulty of a severed relationship, you shouldn’t have to think about the legal implications. We will take care of that for you so that you can work through the emotional and mental difficulties that accompany leaving a spouse. If you would prefer to settle your divorce or family law matter outside of court, the Collins Family Law Group also offers mediation Mediation occurs when a third party attorney is hired to help a couple negotiate through their divorce settlement. With the help of a legal mediator, many spouses are able to create a satisfactory divorce settlement. This is often beneficial if couples are amicable towards one another.

If you and your spouse are not able to come to terms with the help of a mediator, then chances are that you will have to go to court with your divorce and the judge will help you to apportion child custody time, visitation, alimony and spousal support. A judge may also determine who gets what in the event of a property distribution. It is always better to handle these matters with a mediator because you will have more control over who gets what items, but even if you have to go to court and fight against an ex-spouse for your share of the property, an attorney from Collins Family Law Group may be able to accompany you.

This law firm is made up of three female lawyers who are dedicated to helping men and women with their family struggles. The founding attorney of the firm, Shawna D. Collins, has been practicing law for over 17 years and has experience in both family law and criminal law. She is also a member of the Estates and Trusts Section and the Family Law Section of the North Carolina Bar Association. She is a licensed Superior Court Mediator in the state of North Carolina. Because Attorney Collins is so versatile with her practice areas of law, she is able to handle complex cases that involve a variety of different elements.

For example, if you are dealing with a divorce which involves domestic violence, then she can help you to handle this divorce involving a crime. She can also help if you are in prison and are seeking a divorce from your spouse or are in the process of mediating with an ex-spouse. Once you divorce, you will doubtless want to change your wills, trusts, or other estate planning documents and update them based on your current life situation. An attorney from this firm can help you with all of these tasks in an efficient and helpful manner.

When you are looking for a lawyer who can help you with a family law matter, you want to make sure that you hire someone who is compassionate and empathetic. You don’t want an all-business attorney who regards your case as nothing more than another job. You want someone who will help you through this landmark time in your life and patiently explain the implications of divorce decisions. At Collins Family Law Group, the attorneys attempt to provide this kind of service for you. In addition to protecting you and your family now, they can protect you in the future by taking care of all your estate planning needs.

If you want more information about the firm, then you can look them up on Best of the Web, HG, Insider Pages, and Justia. The firm is also located on Localeze, Merchant Circle, and Yellow Pages if you want more information. If you want to get to know the firm on a more personal level, they have set up a variety of social media sites for you to explore and enjoy. The firm is on Facebook and they update this site regularly with information that you may want to know about the firm. Whenever the firm puts on an event, those on Facebook will be some of the first to know. As well, the attorneys at Collins Family Law Group enjoy posting links to their blogs or giving other valuable family law information to those who “like” this site.

You can also get to know the firm by following them on Twitter. When the firm has news to share or wants to add an important comment on a trending news story, those who subscribe to their Twitter feed may be among the first to get the scoop. As well, the firm is on Google+ if you would like to add then to your circles and receive firm news. Whether you are seeking someone to help you draft a will or aid in creating your divorce settlement, the attorneys at this firm can help. Don’t hesitate to call Collins Family Law Group today for more information.

You can reach the firm at (704) 269-6697 or e-mail the firm using the box on the website. The firm’s office is located at 112 N. Main St. Monroe, NC, 28112 if you want to stop by for a visit or make an appointment and come in for a consultation. Don’t hesitate another moment; talk to the firm today to get the representation that you need to seek a solid divorce, a sound adoption, or an error-free will or trust. The firm also handles estate planning and criminal defense cases. Feel free to take advantage of the firm’s resource page as well. Don’t hire “just any attorney” when you can hire a lawyer at Collins Family Law Group that will give your case personalized attention!

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