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The Divorce Process

Have a Monroe Divorce Attorney Guide You Through It

The process of divorce has many aspects that require time, patience, and discussion between both parties. It is not an easy procedure and can cause serious stress on all family members involved. By enlisting the assistance of our firm, you will be allowing our legal family to help your family. Filing for divorce is a step by step process that, depending on several factors, including whether or not children are involved, can fluctuate in its difficulty. There are many complex aspects of a divorce process, including the drafting, filing, and serving stages, that are difficult for even the most educated person to attempt on his or her own. There are many technical rules governing the dissolution of a marriage.

The State of North Carolina is very strict on its grounds for divorce. The divorce process is only allowed to begin if the husband and wife have been living separate for one year. The residency requirement is that you must have lived in North Carolina for more than six months preceding the complaint. All of the substances within a divorce, such as child support, are dealt with in the hearings which can take place after the divorce has been entered.

The Pleadings

The first stage of dissolution of marriage is the "pleadings" which includes the complaint, the answer, and the reply. Just as in other lawsuits, they begin when a complaint is filed. This marital complaint does not have a strict time limit like other areas of law but must be filed in a county where either spouse is currently residing. A separation agreement, which is a solid contract between both parties, can also be set in place. The necessary documents will have to be created and agreed upon by both parties.

The Divorce Hearings

In contested cases, the court will determine what marital property ia and what divisible property is and will have made a final decision in the final hearing. Alimony and child support will also be firmly established by the court, and will be expected to be followed. If you require assistance with any aspect of the divorce process, our firm is available and prepared to help. At Collins Family Law Group, we have the knowledge and ability to guide your family through process of divorce.

Contact our Monroe divorce lawyer at the firm today if you have any questions about the divorce process.

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