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Estate Litigation Attorney in Monroe

Overview: Estate Planning

At Collins Family Law Group, we assist clients in many ways. One of these ways is by helping them plan for the future. For business owners or for those who are concerned with business succession, estate planning is an especially important matter. We are a team of professional and experienced lawyers who are driven to help those concerned with the future. We know that no estate planning situation can be solved with a cookie cutter method. It often takes an attorney who can diagnose an individual's situation in a case evaluation. We can help you with estate planning in the following ways:

Estate Administration
Estate administration is the supervision of a deceased person's estate. If the person left a will behind, the situation will be handled in accordance to that legal document. It there is no will, the assets will have to be divided based on the decisions of the state. Our Monroe estate litigation attorney can defend or prosecute claims of breach of fiduciary duty, as when the executor is accused of pilfering assets of the estate, mismanaging proceeds of estate sales, or claiming disallowed or excessive administration expenses.

The purpose of a will is to distribute a person's assets between those left behind. A lawyer can help a person create a will based on their specific goals and desires. The attorney will make sure this is handled in a fair manner so that all children are mentioned. Acting on behalf of the wronged beneficiary or the estate, we can seek to invalidate terms of the will, reinstate a previous will, or have a beneficiary disinherited when the client alleges undue influence or incompetency

A trust is a flexible means of asset distribution. Once the person passes away, their assets will be distributed over a lengthy period of time to their descendants. One purpose of a trust is to prevent spendthrift children from spending all the money at one time.

Power of Attorney
A power of attorney purposes in authorizing one person to represent or act on the behalf of another, if they are no longer able. Power of attorney could go into effect if the person is no longer able to properly use body functions required to perform private and business affairs.

Do you need assistance making preparations with your future?

We understand that these are significant decisions that can impact the rest of your life and the lives of future generations. Successfully establishing all of your estate matters is very important and can be a complicated matter. We have made it our goal to ensure that you are given quality legal representation for all of your estate or probate matters. Our experience diligently servicing clients can help you plan for your future. Contact an estate litigation attorney at our Monroe firm today!

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