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Ballantyne Divorce and Family Lawyer

Divorce: Child Custody, Property Division and Support

If you are planning to divorce, you want to have the most professional and qualified legal representation on your side. The final outcome, whether decided in court or through alternative dispute resolution, can be greatly impacted by the skills of the attorney that is representing you. At our firm, we do everything possible to support and pursue the objectives of our clients in divorce. Our experience and professional legal skills can be extremely valuable for those who are seeking a fair resolution in all of the issues of importance in a divorce. These include property division and the matters involving the children of the marriage. We can assist you and protect your interests, whether these matters will be decided in court, or by negotiating an agreement with the opposing attorney.

Over our 20+ years in practice, our firm, Collins Family Law Group, has gained a reputation for excellence in family law. Whether you need to arrange a separation agreement or are involved in a complex situation that cannot be resolved through negotiations, we can help. There are crucial issues that must be resolved in a divorce, including child custody, spousal support, division of assets, the distribution of the marital property and issues regarding child support. We are compassionate and understand the emotional upheaval involved in ending a marriage, particularly when the marriage has been of long duration, and there are many shared assets. As your life, and that of your children, will be greatly impacted by the divorce, both personally and financially, it is imperative that you are represented by an attorney that will protect your best interests and is prepared to pursue your personal objectives.

We offer legal services in all family law and divorce matters. Our purpose is to assist you through the divorce process while safeguarding your best interests, and protecting your parental rights. We have opened an office in Ballantyne, located at 15720 Brixham Hill Ave., Suite 310. We invite you to visit us if you are considering divorce and are searching for a highly qualified divorce lawyer in the area.

Initially, we will review and evaluate your individual situation against state law, and discuss what you could expect in your divorce, based upon state law. We want to understand your concerns and your objectives. We have extensive experience in negotiating a resolution through alternative dispute resolution methods, including collaborative divorce. These processes can resolve matters without the need for trial. In some cases, the other party is making unreasonable demands, and litigation is the only option. When this is the situation, you want to ensure that you have a highly qualified litigator with extensive trial experience on your side.

We can assist you if you don't know if you want a divorce but need time apart. A knowledgeable Ballantyne divorce attorney from our firm can draft a separation agreement to address the duties and responsibilities of each party during the period of separation. This is often a solution for married couples who do not wish to divorce for religious reasons, for the benefit of the children, or to allow time for the relationship to be restored. We are highly experienced at negotiating separation agreements that address the duties and responsibilities of each person during the term of separation.

Ballantyne Divorce Lawyer

When a divorce is inevitable, you want to be certain that your rights and interests are protected. The property and assets of the marriage will be split in an "equitable" manner. The final decisions can vary widely, often based upon the skills with which these matters are negotiated. Our legal team offers counsel in all types of divorce, including contested divorce, uncontested divorce and the more modern alternative of a collaborative divorce. Another option we provide is mediation services designed to resolve your important divorce issues without the need to force the court to make a decision. Our lead attorney is a certified Superior Court mediator in North Carolina as well as a member of the Estates & Trust Section and the Family Law Section of our state's bar association. We often save our clients time and money through reaching a resolution in mediation.

A divorce goes moves through several stages that involve the drafting, filing and serving of legal documents. The process can be extremely difficult on you and your family. We strive to make divorce as simple as is possible, based upon the circumstances, and we are focused on protected the rights and interests of our clients.

Our state has guidelines on the legal grounds for a divorce. You must have lived in North Carolina for more than 6 months before we file your divorce complaint. Our firm can only start proceedings if you and your spouse have been living separate for at least 1 year. We must also file the complaint in the county where either you or your spouse is currently residing.

The first phase of legally dissolving your marriage is the divorce complaint. In most cases, the other party will counter this complaint with their own demands. This is also known as the "pleadings" stage. It is vital that you have legal counsel who can assist you to come to acceptable agreements on child support, alimony and other important matters whenever possible. A simple, uncontested divorce is less expensive, as the two parties already agree on the crucial issues. We assist in drafting the divorce agreement and all filings so that the process moves ahead more quickly and without problems. In a contested divorce, the court will make the final decision on issues including child custody and property division. It is vital that your attorney is highly professional, well prepared, and can present a persuasive case with full supporting evidence to the court. Our experience and knowledge, as well as our access to top quality expert witnesses can be of great benefit when litigation is necessary.

We are also available to represent those who need to address any post-decree matters, including pursuing changes in child support, spousal support, custody, visitation, enforcement of court orders for child custody or child support payments. We are known for our high quality legal representation, our case results, and our personal commitment to our clients. Call today for more information.

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