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Why Hire Collins Family Law Group?

Monroe Divorce Attorney

Are you looking for a divorce lawyer with passion for families? Do you require the help of a professional who understands the situation you are going through? Collins Family Law Group could be your answer if you said yes to either of the above questions. Divorce is becoming increasingly difficult and expensive. Collins Family Law Group desires the divorce experience to be as smooth and simple as possible. They can explain how your case should be handled and can inform you of your available options. Shawna D. Collins is licensed to practice law in both North and South Carolina where she grew up. Her over 20 years of experience practicing law has been accomplished with the assistance of Carrie Quick and Isla Tabrizi. Shawna Collins is a member of the Estates & Trusts Section and the Family Law Section of the North Carolina Bar Association and she is also a certified Superior Court mediator in North Carolina.

It is a very important factor to the firm that people are given the necessary knowledge so that they can be made aware of all of their options. When faced with a legal dilemma, the firm desires people to know the choices they can make and how each choice can affect the outcome of the case. The divorce attorneys at the firm are dedicated to helping individuals understand their own personal situations and counseling them through the difficult issues. The purpose behind this approach is to protect the client's family as best as possible, because the family is often the center of the situation. A divorce is directly between two people but involves so many more parties. This situation can be made easier with the assistance of a Monroe divorce lawyer who is willing to stand up for the rights of you and your family.

The Collins Family Law Group Approach

By evaluating your case, the firm can determine the best method to take to get you the results you need. Depending on many different factors, such as the length of the marriage, whether or not children involved, the families' regular lifestyle, and joint assets, they can come up with an approach that may be able to bring about as peaceful a settlement as possible.

Whether the situation calls for mediation or a different approach, the firm is available to discuss this with each client. The firm understands the difficulty of divorce and the aspects involved. They have also dealt with unique situations, such as adoption, and can help the parties come to a negotiated settlement that does not have to involve a large court proceeding. Collins Family Law Group holds the belief that there is great importance found in treating each case individually. The case can then be given a personalized approach. The firm is available for phone conferences or in person discussions where they can discuss whether or not they are the best option.

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